Monday, November 25, 2013

Mexico City Museums and Family Meals

This past week in Mexico has been very exciting for all of us! As this semester wraps up (with only two weeks left), we are beginning to realize how much we still have to do. Things like final projects and presentations, getting last-minute gifts, and wondering how all of our things are going to fit into our suitcases have all been common discussion topics among students. 

This weekend, Lupita (the head cook at Casa CEMAL) and her husband Ismael (one of our drivers) were kind enough to invite all of the students to their house for lunch. We had a delicious meal of pozole (traditional Mexican soup with hominy), tostadas and ice cream and enjoyed spending time with Lupita, Ismael, their three kids, and various other relatives who also came over for Sunday lunch.

Students Lee, Elizabeth and Estefania with Ismael, Lupita and their family
Also, on Saturday we went to Mexico City as a part of our art class. We went to see UNAM, which is a prestigious public college in Mexico. In the library, Diego Rivera used tiny tiles to create an elaborate mural. The library was huge; we were all in awe of how Rivera did such a great job.

UNAM library

We also went to the post office in the main plaza. The post office is not being used much these days; however, it is still something to be admired. The staircase was unbelievably beautiful. It was not real gold but it was beautiful nonetheless. 

After the post office we went to see the Museo de Diego Rivera. In this museum we were able to see a huge mural that Rivera made called "Una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central" ("A Sunday Afternoon in Central Alameda"). His murals are very famous, as he used his artwork to teach people what was happening. His murals literally tell a story, as you can see below:

Rivera's mural "Una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central"

We also saw the Palacio Nacional, where Diego Rivera painted huge murals that took him about ten years to finish. It was an incredible sight, as it was a huge area that he covered with his thoughtful paintings.

Mural inside the Palacio Nacional

Palacio Nacional interior courtyard
After the Museo de Diego Rivera we went to see El Ángel de la Independencia. It is a focal point for celebration and protest. It was built to commemorate the first 100 years of Mexico’s independence.

All in all, I think it was a great trip. This was our last time in Mexico City until the day that we board our planes for home. SEE YOU SOON, MINNESOTA!

- Anika, Student


  1. I studied in Cuernavaca last semester. Seeing students with families of the CGE houses makes me so happy. Thanks for the wonderful blog!

  2. This week was very exciting. The trip el Palacio Nacional is amazing. I will never forget the amount of people there, that our professor has to raise his voice, plus we had to be very close in order to hear him. I also like the Diego Rivera’s museum, his mural is amazing, I definitely recommend people to go to see it.
    La ciudad universitaria is amazing has a huge park and it was really nice to see so much people playing around, other people laying down under the sun.
    I really want to thanks Lupita, for inviting us over, she has a beautiful family. I had a nice time.

  3. I agree, the Diego Rivera murals at the Palacio Nacional and the Museo de Diego Rivera were really amazing. They have so much detail and are really colorful. My favorite part was seeing El Angel de la Independencia, just because I grew up watching it on TV and seeing it in reality was amazing.
    - Elizabeth, Student

  4. Nice photos! You all went to my favorite place in DF, el Palacio de Correo. I hope you had a great semester :)